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The Political System
of the Republic of Tatarstan

The monograph is the first work in which institutions and norms of the political system of the Republic of Tatarstan have been analyzed completely and systematically. The authors examine the process of the evolution and development of the political system which has its origins in 1990 when the Declaration on State Sovereignty of the Tatar Republic was adopted.

The authors analyze the Constitution of Tatarstan (1992) containing new democratic principles, particularly the principle of separation of powers. Problems of realization of this principle in practice (the disbalance of branches of power and the monopolization of power by the executive branch) have been explored in the monograph.

The book examines various aspects of the political system of Tatarstan: political parties and social movements in the republic, the parliament of Tatarstan, the presidency and executive power, the judicial system, local bodies of state power, elections and election system, rights and freedoms in the republic. The authors give substantial attention to the relationship between Russia and Tatarstan and Tatarstan's political status. The volume includes proposals and ideas on the improvement of political institutions and laws of Tatarstan. The book may be useful to political leaders, deputies, governmental officers, everyone who wants to see Tatarstan as a democratic and highly developed region of Russia.